Hassle-free payroll services for small businesses

TMA Payroll integrates your payroll with accounting and taxes, so you have one point of contact.  And our customer service crushes the big payroll companies.



You need to run your business, and not worry about payroll errors

You believe in paying your employees timely and accurately while staying out of trouble with the IRS.  Avoid the frustration of working with a huge payroll company that can’t provide you with sufficient support.

You can count on us to help you implement a payroll solution that meets your needs and makes your life easier.


How does it work?

What you can always expect with TMA Payroll on your side.

Get the payroll support your business needs

Your payroll needs great customer service and great technology.  We can provide both and help you pull it all together.

We do more than prepare paychecks and provide great service.

We can provide:

  • Cloud-based payroll data and reporting
  • Digital timekeeping for employees
  • HR tools
  • Employee onboarding systems
  • Benefits tracking
  • Talent acquisition (recruiting and applicant tracking)
  • Employee self-service portals
TMA Accounting- Payroll-Services-Wheel

Payroll processing and tax services

Easy enrollment process.
Flexible data entry by fax, phone, or PC.
Direct deposit services.



Laser-signed, pressure-sealed paychecks
Clear, intuitive reporting
W-2 Preparation



Electronic tax deposits.
Federal and state payroll tax returns.
Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting.



Working with Trusted Advisors

Experience all of the benefits “big payroll companies” have to offer — time and attendance systems, paperless onboarding and payroll, as well as other advanced payroll and human capital management services — with a payroll service provider designed for Main Street small businesses like yours.

If you're located near our Indianapolis offices, you can work in-person with your trusted TMA Payroll advisor to get the support you need. As a locally owned business ourselves, we're dedicated to supporting our community through the work we do with small businesses with exceptional service. So, when you call, a human will always answer the phone, with no frustrating automated phone trees standing in your way.


Leave your payroll to us

Are you ready to make running your business easier? Let's talk.

If you are a current client looking for support, please call the office at 317.571.8080.

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